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Why Stretching is Important for Kids



We all know the importance of exercise, especially for children. Exercise not only

improves their cardiovascular health and bone density, but regular exercise from a

young age ingrains healthy habits for life! While exercising is an important habit your

children should be practicing regularly, they could be missing out on a crucial factor:



Due to this month’s topic being, Stretching and Flexibility I thought I would write a

short blog on the importance of it. Stretching is not just beneficial for children—it’s

necessary! By Forgetting stretching before or after exercise, your kid runs the risk of

injuries and delayed recovery. A few minutes spent stretching both before and after

exercising brings numerous benefits, but here are a few of the biggest advantages:


Gets their blood pumping. By having your kid spend a few minutes

stretching and warming up before exercising, their muscles will have less

tension and they’ll be ready to get out there and play.


Reduces the risk of injury: If your child doesn’t stretch prior to

exercising, they run the risk of sustaining an injury. When kids go directly

into exercising without warming up, they could easily pull a muscle.

Similarly, if children don’t properly cool down post-exercise, their muscles

won’t recover as quickly and could sustain an injury.


Increases flexibility and range of motion. Stretching can greatly

increase your child’s flexibility and range of motion.


Your child has already been given stretches they do to improve flexibility, those

stretches include: going into a gentle split and holding for roughly 20 to 30 seconds,

it is important to come out of this stretch slowly, another stretch your kid can do is

simply touching their toes with the legs straight, if they are already capable of doing

this get them to put their hand behind their legs and pull themselves down slowly,

again hold for 20 to 30 seconds, do these a couple of time and you will be amazed at

the improvement of their flexibility in just a short space of time.

Remember stretching is to help flexibility and to reduce the risk of injury, at any point

they feel pain come out a little bit.


Luca Allison, Assistant Instructor

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