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Kids Krav Maga Classes – Age groups

Our Kids Krav Maga classes are grouped according to age.

Our classes are:

Kids Krav Maga – 4-6yr olds

Kids Krav Maga


A great age to start Krav Maga! Classes are designed to help the kids develop coordination and motor skills, flexibility, mobility, and strength. The kids are taught a varied syllabus providing the foundation skills for effective striking and movement.

The kids are also introduced to the principles of Krav Maga and start learning personal safety skills. In addition to physical skills our programme also includes awareness, stranger danger, health awareness, anti bullying, helping others, and asking for help.

The sessions are short, 45 mins long, and very game orientated. Repetition, although vital, is disguised as play and fun. A typical session will include a warm up, striking practice, provide context for the class ‘theme’ that day, demonstration and practice of the technique, then a game including the technique learned. Finally most classes finish with some sort of sparring game designed to allow the kids to gain confidence dealing with physical contact.


Kids Krav Maga – 7-9yr olds

Kids Krav Maga


Generally this age group are ready for a little bit more. Physical abilities are usually more developed, they can stay focussed for longer and require different teaching methods. Developing coordination, flexibility, strength, determination, resilience, and mobility are focussed on throughout the programme

Coordination skills are encouraged and they begin to hold various strike pads for their classmates rather than the instructor holding them. Striking skills are taught dynamically.

Our programme includes bullying awareness, personal safety, and team building components.

Techniques based on the principles of Krav Maga are introduced and practiced defending against both child and adult attackers.

A typical class consists of a warm up, mobility drills, striking practice on pads, practice of a self defence technique and some gentle pressure testing of the technique. The class finishes with controlled light sparring games.


Kids Krav Maga – 9+yr olds

Kids Krav Maga


As they prepare to enter the adolescent stage, confidence and high self esteem are valuable life skills. Our programme is designed to build these skills through learning physical self defence skills.

As with the younger age groups, coordination, mobility, strength, flexibility, determination and resilience are thematic throughout the programme.

Physically, the sessions are slightly more demanding than the younger age groups as their growing bodies are capable of more.

Anti Bullying, Personal Safety, Goal Setting feature throughout our programme.

A typical class consists of a warm up, striking drills on pads, mobility and strength drills, technical training, pressure testing and sparring.



Note: Occasionally kids are moved up or down a group based on their needs and ability.

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