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Dealing with Bullying


Our approach to bullying

We are dedicated to instilling a comprehensive and practical understanding of self-defence to stop and prevent bullying from adversely affecting our child & youth practitioners.

Bullying comes in many different forms, especially when kids are alone and away from friends or family. In our Krav Maga classes, there is a strong emphasis on identifying the many signs of bullying and learning how to de-escalate without resorting to physical altercations studied in class.

We ensure all our instructors are aware of current local school policies and strategies for dealing with bullying.

Sadly, most parents don’t even know their child is a victim of bullies until it is too late and the psychological and physical damage is done.

Signs of bullying include:

• Name calling and teasing.
• Stealing or damaging personal property.
• Threats and intimidation.
• Physical violence: punching, pinching, kicking and more.

It’s imperative as parents or guardians that we communicate with our children and are conscious of these signs to prevent or stop bullies once and for all.

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