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Why Stretching is Important for Kids


  We all know the importance of exercise, especially for children. Exercise not only improves their cardiovascular health and bone density, but regular exercise from a young age ingrains healthy habits for life! While exercising is an important habit your children should be practicing regularly, they could be missing out on a crucial factor: stretching! […]

Kids just wanna have fun!

Kids Krav Maga Stirling

  Ever had to endure a dry, lifeless training session at work? Death by PowerPoint and a seemingly endless lecture on some topic or concept that holds little appeal? Most of us have at some point. We find ourselves willing the time away, struggling to stay focused (I’ve seen people doze off!), and actually, retain […]

Kids Sparring in Krav Maga Training

Kids Krav Maga Sparring

  We include sparring in all our Kids Krav Maga training right from day one. That may seem like a little extreme at first glance. Throwing the kids in at the deep end and have them punch and kick lumps out of each other with no previous training would not be a situation any sane […]