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Kids Krav Maga Classes in Stirling

Krav Maga is a self defence system originating in Israel which is now practised all over the world by people of all ages. It’s practical, effective, and great fun to learn.

We believe learning self defence is an essential life skill much like learning to swim. Providing your child with the opportunity to develop confidence building self defence skills through Krav Maga is a valuable gift that your child will be grateful for in later life.

We help your child reach their potential through our structured programme designed to help:

– Build confidence
– Improve self esteem
– Improve fitness
– Promote a healthy lifestyle
– Install discipline

Suitable for all 4yrs+

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Tel: 07957922618

Life skills they'll always be grateful for

We provide Krav Maga classes for kids from the age of 4yrs old.

Through our structured training programme we introduce kids to the principles of Krav Maga and get them started on their journey to developing the skills and attitudes necessary to have the confidence to be able to defend themselves should the worst happen.

Emphasis is on developing mobility, strength, flexibility, confidence and fitness.

Classes are arranged according to age and ability.

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Dealing with Bullying - Our approach

At IKMS we are dedicated to instilling a comprehensive and practical understanding of self-defence to stop and prevent bullying from adversely affecting our child and youth practitioners.

Bullying comes in many different forms, especially when kids are alone and away from friends or family.
In our Krav Maga classes, there is a strong emphasis on identifying the many signs of bullying and learning how to de-escalate without resorting to physical altercations studied in class. We encourage the kids to talk openly about any issues they come to encounter.

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The benefits of Krav Maga for your child

As with almost everything in life, starting early in life is the best way to go.

Our goal at IKMS is simple; to give our children essential self-defence knowledge to empower them with life skills, confidence and a healthy sense of self-esteem learned through Krav Maga.
In today’s reality, we must be as vigilant as ever. Krav Maga provides necessary tools to safeguard our kids from a wide array of threats and give them the confidence to do so intelligently and independently should the need arise.

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What People Say

""Fantastic! My daughter's confidence has soared since starting Krav Maga. I'd recommend John's classes to any parent""

Elaine Thomson

""The guys are absolutely great with the kids, my two love it and are getting pretty good!""

Kerry Drysdale

""My son was having a hard time with bullying at school, that's why we started him training. The difference in his confidence in just a few months has been noticeable. He loves it""

James Cockburn

IKMS Krav Maga - Kids - Martial Arts Classes in Stirling

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